The Best Concept Ever with Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen island is like a heart of the kitchen. Kitchen island ideas are always needed to have especially for those with ample space and want to have something perfect. Why perfect? Kitchen island is sometimes a symbol of power. It means that it has many roles to the owner’s life. It is used to show the skill of multi tasking in terms of cooking skill, a place for family and relatives to hang out, and place to share the happiness through the foods. If the role is just a parable, the cool designs of the island are real. Various designs are here to steal the show.

white kitchen no handles
white kitchen no handles

The owner probably does not have a gathering space in the kitchen island ideas. However, the work area should be more than enough. This white kitchen provides extra space for pot, pan, and many other kitchen appliances on it. It also provides an extra storage as it can be seen in the lots of tucked underneath kitchen cabinet. Sleek design is really emphasized here. You may not realize the storage at first.

gourmet kitchen island designs
gourmet kitchen island designs

Bookcase spot will be another personality in the kitchen island ideas. Books are absolutely needed for those with advanced or learner skills of cooking. However, it is not always books for cooking. You can put any other you want. The gourmet kitchen can be placed for learning process with warm personality.
[Sleek modern kitchen]
[White contemporary kitchen]
Sleek kitchen island ideas are usually seen in the pictures. It is similar to this design. The difference with the other islands is that it has attractive curves on the design. As people can see, the design is like a half of circle with gentle dents especially for the tops. It is used as an artistic feature since the design is pleasing the eyes added with a painting on the room with domination of white shades of contemporary kitchen style.
[Rustic kitchens]
 Rustic is a must theme to be filled in the interior including kitchen island ideas. Rustic is one of favorable designs so it can be seen in any aspect in the interior. For the style, classic gourmet kitchen island is really attractive and charming. Two types of the decor are designed with solid wood as the countertops. One with blue counter is used as task area and another one is used as a bar and preparation space at once. Look at an overhead kitchen rack, it looks really beautiful. Lighting on the rack can be used as another inspiring idea to try.
[Rustic kitchen island]
Still coming with rustic appearance, this kitchen island idea can also be used to fill your best references pictures. Wood accent is really presented in the use of an open ceiling with coffered style. Showing the beams and combining it with wooden floors are really attractive and perfect for simple white kitchen. You can compare the rustic feature on the wooden use and the rest design can be filled with modern as in the use of the modern rustic white island and bar stools. Stainless steel will also play as in the kitchen appliances.

country kitchen faucets
country kitchen faucets
Being not too different in the rustic, country kitchen style is also preferred by many people. Light feel of colors are really emphasized in the area starting from the wooden floors, walls, furniture, up to the kitchen island ideas. This may have another name such as beach style. It is just perfect accompanied with more natural lights to get in the natural elements of the country kitchen. If you look at the window design, it seems like the owner want a real freedom.
[Feminine kitchen]
Pick one favorite color in the kitchen island ideas will be okay to do. As in the kitchen island ideas, the purple palette will evoke a feminine feel for the entire design. Combination of purple and white are great. Not only in the kitchen island, counter and decoration also come in purple design. Let the design of the furniture in glossy finish with downlight in several spots. The lighting will give the concept a touch of bright and luxury.
[Modern kitchen with dark wood]
If some of people feel bored with white shade in island decoration, they still can use this kitchen island idea as well. As people can see, it is a modern kitchen with dark wood concept on the island and darker glossy wooden floors. It looks very contrast to the white walls but they match one another since the furniture are in white too.
[Grey kitchen with island]

Kitchen island ideas are more than just picking the best design of the island. This will be integrated to the rest kitchen decoration. The references are here.

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